Friday, 20 April 2007

As I sit at my desk the sun is shining outside.

It is another lovely day, though not as warm as the past few days. In another few minutes I am going to be chatting on Joyfully reviewed. when I have finished I shall be revising the latest book for M&B and then I have a lot of reviewing to do to catch up. But after that I must start my third in the crime series, because it was well reviewed and the publishers are keen to get on with the second, which my editor has and is copy editing it at the moment, so that is good news. it was a new departure and we weren't sure how it would be recevied, but people seeme to really like it. So fingers crossed! Love, Linda

Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Making videos!

I have been busy these past few days making book trailers to put up at youtube. I do enjoy doing it both for myself and for other authors. I only had two pieces of music I could legally use until recently when I found a lovely new website. the owner of the site is Kevin Mcleod and he allows you to use his music for the price of a small donation. And it is such beautiful music too! I have made one for Too Hot To Handle using a waltz and one for the Hellfire trilogy using Winter Chimes. Such a lovely piece of music!

Tuesday, 10 April 2007

A wonderful Review for one of my books!

Forbidden Lady
Anne Herries
Page Count
Harlequin Historical
4 1/2 stars
Release Date
April 7, 2007
Sensuality Rating
Buy It

If you haven’t read Anne Herries’ wonderful tales of passion, chivalry and
intrigue, you haven’t read historical romance.

In Medieval England, Sir Robert of Melford had come to claim Melissa, the woman he had fallen passionately in love with only to be rejected, horsewhipped and left scarred from life. Having been forbidden to ever make contact with Melissa again, the only option open to Robert is to seek his fortune in the wars and try his absolute best to forget the woman who has ruined his life and broken his heart.
But Melissa is never far away from his thoughts and as the Wars of Roses rage through England, Robert finds himself acting as Melissa’s protector. Although Melissa was the catalyst for his punishment, she declares that she does not know the reason behind his attack.
Robert knows that Melissa is the last person on earth whom he should trust, but will he able to resist her charms or will he lose his heart to her all over again?
Anne Herries holds her readers in thrall with her latest historical romance, Forbidden Lady! The latest in a long line of captivating historical romances written by a writer who has been enthralling readers for decades, Forbidden Lady blends evocative period descriptions, red-hot passion and nail biting intrigue with style and aplomb.
Award-winning author Anne Herries has written another spellbinding historical tale rich in history, adventure and romance which will delight and beguile readers of historical romance.
Julie Bonello