Sunday, 19 April 2009

New books and pics

Hi everyone. I haven't been here much for a while because I am working very hard on a series of books, but I popped in today to load some pics of new and recent books. I just want to thank all the people who support me by buying and enjoying my books. Love to you all.

This is a shorty story I wrote for the Wolf Sanctuary. Someone is trying to save the wolves in a special sanctuary and needs funds so a group of Red Rose Publishing authors got together to write short stories and they are giving their royalties to the sanctuary. I hope we do well for the wolves.

This is a new ebook coming soon to Amira Press

This is the cover for the first Family Feud book. This had a wonderful review from The Historical Novel magazine. they didn't like the cover, thought it drab. It isn't one of the best, though it fits with the period.

This is the cover for the second family Feud book. I like this one.