Sunday, 18 February 2007

hi everyone

I've been busy putting together the new grand competition for my writing friends at Triskelion. When it goes up at it will be a series of four with some lovely prizes for the winner of each competition so if you like internet comps, do join in.

Meanwhile I now have my new crime book and I am delighted to say that it will be a series. I am about halfway through my new M&B and then I shall probably write something different before I go onto the next. I never have time to be bored or lonely because the groups I belong to bring me so many messages I can hardly keep up. Love, Linda

Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Coming in May 2007

I wanted to tell everyone that my first Anne Ireland book for Triskelion comes out in May. It is an ebook and something new for me, though it may come out in print later. I'm not sure about that yet. The title is Too Hot To Handle and I have put a trailer on the website and at my myspace - . Anyone who would like to take a look can pop in there or .

I shall post an excerpt here another day, but I've just had the date confirmed so I am quite pleased about that. I received my new books from Severn House yesterday. A Miscarriage of Justice. The cover looks a more pinky mauve than the one I show here, but colours are often different on the web.

I have one hardback copy of A Miscarriage of Justice to give away. If you would like to be in with a chance, go into the lindasole website and use the contact address. I shall collect the first six to email me and pick the winner in the time honoured way from a hat. Love to you all Linda.

PS. One of my visitors said that this blog reminded her of Little Women. I thought that was a wonderful compliment and if reading what I have to say gives you the nice warm feeling reading Little Women gives so many of us I am happy. The picture is of me with my brother-in-law and sister-in-law on holiday in Spain a few years ago.

Sunday, 11 February 2007

Valentine's Day Soon

I had a Valentine's card and gift from my editor at M&B this year. That made me smile! I came on to tell you that I have a lot of lovely paperback books to give away. If you would like one, answer the simple question at my website - - and if you are picked I will send you a book, anywhere in the world free of postage.

My Triskelion friends are running a competition on myspace, which starts on 21st March. I shall be contributing and it will be fun. This is bigger and several questions will be asked and several authors will take part. It is like a scavenger hunt, going from one author's myspace or website to another, and I think Internet addicts will love it. There are some good prizes coming up so if you enjoy hunting on the net go to - - and I wish you lots of luck.

I am posting a picture for you now. Love, Linda

Tuesday, 6 February 2007

A lovely day here!

It has been a really good day, sun shining, bit cool but pleasant. It feels like spring, though I know it is a long way off. I agreed a new four book contract with HMB yesterday and talked about the next one after that, all mapped out for the rest of the year - so I celebrated by buying some new clothes. I wanted a smart outfit for the RNA luncheon in April and I found exactly what I wanted. I also bought some new jeans for normal days. I go to a special shop I like about once or twice a year, and feeling great I decided that today was it! The picture was taken many moons ago at my brother-in-law's wedding - it was so different then!