Saturday, 29 December 2007

A new picture of me

My husband took this one on our last holiday. It just came back on CD. I haven't tried it before but it is a lovely new idea for me, easy to put my phots up!

Friday, 28 December 2007

A Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed the TV. I loved the dancing on Christmas Day and Maria meets Joseph was lovely too. The Old curiosity Shop was so sad! I knew that little Nell died but it still made me weep and wish it had ended otherwise.

I had a very busy year last year and I expect it to be the same this year as far as work goes. In addition to my new Dark Eden Press book - Obsession - I have so far two books coming out with Severn House, the first this month. I have five coming out during the year with HMB - and I have three ebooks coming in the first months of the year with Red Rose Publishing. I also have a Regency with Amira Press. This should be out fairly soon and it will be going to print as well as ebook. I'll post about all these things another time.

I am looking forward to watching the remainder of the World PDC darts competition, which ends on Tuesday next week. Last night we watched Phil Taylor in a very tense match that went all the way to the wire - literally! Phil Taylor has been champion thirteen times and I have my fingers crossed for number 14. Good luck Phil!

May 2008 be a wonderful year for us all. Peace, health and happiness to you all. Linda

My latest ebook

This is the cover for my latest ebook with Dark Eden Press! It is a Mystery/Romance/Paranormal and it is hotter than the other books with DEP which were - Dangerous To Know and Daddy Loves Belinda. In this story the heroine is haunted by an ancient Egyptian Queen, who threatens to take over her life.

The gods were angry. A terrible plague was rife in the Kingdom, and now the Queen was dying. It was whispered that a curse lay upon the land and the people were afraid.
‘Ally, are you busy?’
I had been preparing my equipment for that morning’s shoot when the phone rang, but I was happy to hear my sister’s voice.
‘Not too busy to talk to you. I’ve been leaving messages all week.’
‘I’ve been working on something.’
When Elaine became immersed in a project she went around in a state of absentmindedness, passing her best friends in the street without seeing them!
‘Something special?’
‘I’m not sure yet. I’ve been told there’s a package waiting for me at customs. I’ve got to go in and sign for it. Apparently, it’s too valuable to let go without filling in all kinds of forms.’
My clever sister was an Egyptologist, the brilliant author of several books on the subject, and a research adviser for at least two museums that I knew about. She was passionate about her work, so passionate that it had led to the breakdown of her marriage. Simon Norton had decided he wasn’t prepared to play second fiddle to a load of long dead mummies, and had found himself a tall, slender and very leggy blonde who was clearly very much alive.
‘Very mysterious. Do you know what it is?’
‘I’m not sure. I’ve been promised a couple of things so it might be either one. Both are equally interesting in their own way.’
‘Something for your exhibition?’
Elaine was preparing an exhibition at a prestigious museum in New York, where she lived. She had a small apartment overlooking Central Park. It was always untidy, littered with piles of her notes and anything she might be working on, which could be a piece of stone bearing inscriptions or paintings, or perhaps ancient manuscripts written in ink so faded they were barely decipherable. Elaine was known for being rather good at reading hieroglyphics and had gained quite a reputation amongst the staff of museums all over the world.
I stayed with her as often as I could manage-- she had given me a key so that I could come and go as I pleased. Since our father’s death and the sale of our family home in England a few months previously, I had been more or less on the move, living out of a suitcase most of the time and storing the rest of my personal stuff in Elaine’s spare bedroom. It suited me, because I travelled a lot in my work and spent most of my life in hotel bedrooms.
‘I might use it,’ she said in answer to my question. ‘We’ll see. How much longer are you staying in Paris, Ally?’
‘Oh, a couple of days, I should think. We’ve finished all but one last shoot for the magazine, but I want to take some pictures for myself. Artists on the Left Bank, that sort of thing.’
‘For your exhibition. You should have one, Ally. I know you make a good living as a fashion photographer, but some of your other stuff is wonderful. I loved those pictures you took when you were in London last summer – those kids living rough on the streets. One girl had the face of an angel.’
‘Don’t be deceived by her looks. She was one tough kid,’ I said and laughed. ‘Fashion photography for glossy magazines pays the rent. My other work is just for personal satisfaction.’
‘I’m not so sure about that,’ she said. ‘Besides, if you stopped living in hotels and got your own place you might be able to afford to ease up a bit. You could use your share of Dad’s money to put down a deposit on an apartment. There’s one going near me…’
‘You could have your spare room back then.’
‘You know I didn’t mean that, Ally. I love having you to stay, but you need somewhere of your own – roots.’
‘Yes, I know, love. Maybe I’ll take a look when I get back. It would be nice to buy something near you. We might get to spend more time together.’
‘That’s the idea,’ Elaine said and there was a slightly wistful note in her voice. ‘I often wish I’d spent more time with Dad. He always said he was busy and we’d plan things for the future.’
‘I know. We none of us thought time would run out that fast…’
Michael Rowlinson had been a successful businessman for most of his life, taking care of his daughters single-handed, because our mother died soon after I was born. He’d had a succession of housekeepers and minders for us, of course, but he had given us love in abundance and he had never remarried. He was always too busy for that – but not too busy to keep in touch. He had been so proud of Elaine, just as I was, but he had taken an interest in my work too.
‘You take after me,’ he’d told me once. ‘You like life and being with people. Elaine is studious like her mother. Helen could have done anything – been a brilliant scientist if she hadn’t fallen in love and given it all up to have kids. She was going to write a book when you and Elaine were grown up.’ He’d sighed and looked sad, and I knew that he had never ceased to mourn the wife he loved. ‘It was a shame she never lived to see it, Ally.’
‘Yes, I wish she had,’ I’d told him, giving him a quick hug. ‘I’ve often wished I’d known her, Dad, but we’ve had you and each other. We’ve been lucky.’
‘I’m the lucky one,’ he’d replied. ‘It’s been a satisfying life – making money to look after my girls.’
He’d always seemed to be rushing from one place to another, then, when he was fifty-six, he’d suddenly decided to retire and spend the rest of his life playing golf.
Since his death, I’d wondered if he’d somehow guessed he only had a couple of years left to him. The cancer had been swift, taking us all by surprise. I’d been on the verge of leaving college and Elaine had been going through the aftermath of her divorce. She was now thirty-three, and I was twenty-two. There had been a big gap between my sister and I, and perhaps the unexpected arrival of a second child had contributed to the heart problem, which had killed my mother at such a young age.
Losing Dad had hit both Elaine and I hard, bringing us up with a start. It had made us aware that life was fragile and could be lost all too quickly. Sometimes, I thought Elaine had taken it even harder than I – perhaps because she seemed to have settled for life without a husband or children, and that left her with only me and a few good friends. And her work of course. Work was very important to my sister.
‘I’ll see you the day after tomorrow,’ I told Elaine, realising that she was probably feeling a bit low. It wasn’t like her to call, especially if she was working. ‘We’ll look at the apartment together. And I have a couple of weeks free now – if you can manage it we can spend some quality time together.’
‘Yes, I would like that,’ she said, sounding more cheerful. ‘I’ve been working hard on the projects for the exhibition – and something else I’ve been researching – but I shall take a few days off and we’ll do something relaxing. Maybe even go away…’
‘That’s a promise,’ I told her. ‘I’d better go now or I’ll be late.’
‘Yes – and I want to collect that parcel. If it’s what I think it might be … but it probably won’t be authentic. Most people think they have something that is far more ancient than it really is, but I do have hopes…’
‘You are sounding very mysterious.’
‘I’ll tell you all about it when I see you. There’s really a curious story about this…’ the line crackled and she laughed. ‘Do you think someone is warning us we’ve talked enough? I’ll see you when you get back, Ally.’

Saturday, 22 December 2007

More pics

My new book from Severn House coming in January.

The cover art is the copyright of the publisher!
Wishing you all wherever you are A Very Happy Christmas and A healthy and Peaceful New Year!
Love to all my friends and readers. Linda

Christmas Cheer

All the images here are either Pat's Graphics or

Happy Christmas!

I have popped in to say hello and Happy Christmas to everyone. After working hard all year and having lots of nice things happen on the writing front I am relaxing for a few days, having fun and enjoying Christmas. I am looking forward to the final of Strictly Come Dancing and to other things on TV. I love a turkey dinner and I shall thoroughly enjoy a nice quiet Christmas with my husband. I am going to post another picture of Grandfather Sole, because people have asked for it. I also want to post some Christmas stuff, so I may have to do several. Here is the picture promised. Linda

Monday, 10 December 2007

Hi again!

It is such an age since I managed to blog! My excuse is that I have been busy writing lots of lovely books for you all to read.

My new book from Severn House arrived today. The title is Love is not Enough/Anne Herries/Severn House. I haven't got the picture saved yet, but it is very similar to a picture of my husband's grandmother outside the house they owned then!

I am going to post some wedding flowers that my sister did for her granddaughter's wedding. She made a beautiful job of them!

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Hi everyone

I just wanted to tell you that I have a new ebook out with Dark Eden Press at the moment. I also have two of the new Anne Herries trilogy out - the third is out at Christmas.

We have been to Spain for two weeks. The weather was gorgeous! I thought it would be very cold when we got back home, but it wasn't too bad. The forcast says the bad weather is on the way. Oh dear. I love being home but I like the Spanish weather best. However, I am looking forward to getting ready for Christmas!

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Justice is served

Justice is Served is my second book in the Sarah Beaufort crime series. It came out on 30.09.07 and I am thrilled with the way this series is being received. The first book had an excellent review in America and I am looking forward to seeing what they think to the new one.

Justice is Served/Severn House

My new Regency series from Harlequin Mills & Boon

My new series started in August with Marianne and the Marquis. It continues in October with Married By Christmas. This is Jo's story and it is a lot of fun. I have had a compettion on my website for this, but I still have a few copies left if anyone wants one, just mail in through my website.

Review for Slave of Love

The Slave of Love/Amira Press
Slave of Love is a wonderful story about the temptation of the dark side vs. a man's desire to escape the clutches of evil and turn his life around. Slave of Love is a hot sexy story with warm tender moments and a moral. It's too bad the book wasn't longer. This is a big extremely well written story that deserves to be told on the big screen.
Date Added: 09/27/2007 by Dee Dawning/ five stars

This was posted to Amira Press website.

I am thrilled to say that my short story has now received four reviews. Two posted on Amira by readers, one on redrosesfor authors and one on Coffee Time.
I am also delighted to say that Dangerous To Know/Anne Sole/Dark Eden Press has received a four cup review from Coffee time. You can read it by clicking on the url below.

Sunday, 26 August 2007

Chateau Despair

I have a book coming with with Red Roses Publishing in the near future that I really want to tell you about. It is called Chateau Despair and I wrote it a couple of years back. My agent of the time said it haunted her but she didn't know where to send it so I kept it on the computer. A couple of months back I sent it to an ebook publisher. I really love this book and I am thrilled it will be published. If enough copies sell it may go into paperback. I really like this cover. Love to you all, Linda

Thursday, 23 August 2007

Slave of Love

And excerpt from Slave of Love/Anne Ireland/amirapress
Marcus Wiverton, Earl of Wyburn, stood looking at his reflection in the mirror. He saw the face of a nineteen-year old man, untouched by sin, pain or guilt, still as handsome as the night he had gone to her, the great courtesan—more properly known as the Queen of Lust.
Could it really be ten years since that night? He turned away from the mirror, glancing at the bed where the body of a young woman lay slumped in death. Helene Brockelton. She was beautiful, passionate and so full of life, now dead. Not at his hand but because of him—because she could not live without what he gave her. And he could not love. He laughed bitterly, for the irony of his situation was that he was considered a wonderful lover. Women begged him to lie with them, because only he could satisfy their needs. Once they had lain in his bed no other man would ever be enough.
It was not vanity that made him think as he did, but the simple truth. It was the gift she had given him that night—that witch! A groan of anguish broke from him as he recalled all the things he had done since then—the hearts he had broken, the lives ruined, marriages torn apart. He was known as a wicked seducer. Mothers warned their daughters not to speak to him, and yet they were drawn against their will…drawn like moths to the flame, curious, innocent and then willing slaves to Lust.
This will be available from 24.August

Thursday, 16 August 2007

Dangerous To Know

This is a short excerpt from Dangerous To Know/Anne Sole /Dark Eden Press

"Your work sounds fascinating," Karin said. "Are you sure you wouldn’t like something to drink – tea?"
"Maybe I’ll chance the tea," Mike said, his look teasing her. "You Brits make the worst coffee ever."
"Thanks!" Karin’s laughter was soft and husky. She stood up and Mike rose to his feet; he caught her wrist as she would have passed him, swinging her round so that they were very close, gazing into each other’s eyes. "Mike?" she breathed in wonder as he reached out and drew her into his body, holding her pressed against the length of his body. She was aware then of the masculine power of him – and the fact that he was physically aroused. She could feel the heat of him burning into her and it was doing odd things to her senses.
"I haven’t been able to get you out of my head," Mike said as his head bent towards her, his lips seeking hers. "I’ve been wanting to do this again…"
Karin’s body arched into his, her mouth opening softly beneath his as they kissed long and slow. The heat rushed through her, making her bones melt with the liquid, churning desire inside her. There was no thought of resistance, only a hunger that she had never experienced before. This felt so right!
The kiss was exploratory on Mike’s part, his tongue thrusting its way inside her mouth, tasting her, teasing her as her hands went up into his hair at the nape, her long fingers caressing him. For the moment that he held her it seemed as if they were alone in time, apart from the reality of the outside world – something Karin had never known before. She had enjoyed passion with her boyfriends in the past, but this was something very different. They were both visibly affected when they at last drew away from each other.
"You had better make that tea," Mike said, following her to the adjoining door that led into the kitchen. He watched the sway of her hips in the short black skirt, feeling the burn of desire in his guts and knowing he wanted her. He wanted her badly at this moment, so badly that he ached with the need, but anything between them was bound to be of short duration and he didn’t want to hurt her or be hurt himself. "Talk to me, tell me about Angela. You two were twins but were you alike in other ways?"
"No, not much," Karin said without looking round. She was filling the kettle, preparing a tray. The kitchen was neat and clean, but very cluttered with cooking tools and books, every shelf crowded with bits and pieces. The clutter seemed friendly clutter and Mike liked it – he liked everything about her more and more.
Karin turned slightly and smiled at him. Her mouth was soft, shining a little, her eyes clear and full of a secret laughter, as though she was amused by what she was about to tell him.
"Help me know her, Karin," he invited.

Dangerous To Know will be available from the end of August at

Monday, 13 August 2007

Golden Apple competition

Watch for more details about this compettion being held by Dark Eden Press!

Sunday, 5 August 2007

More new books!

I have heard that Amira Press is taking my ebook The Slave of Love. This is a saucy tale set in Regency times about a man who wants to be a great lover and what happens to him after he gets his wish. I think I said that Dark Eden Press is bringing out three of my books and I have several coming out with both Severn House and HMB - which means lots of corrections and lots of work! It will all get done eventually!

Actually, I want to tell you about a wonderful book I have just read called - How Wicked Can She Go? by J Morgan. I have reviewed it for but I thought I would tell my friends here about it to, because it is so funny. If you like your books a little bit naughty but nice and very funny you would love this one. You can buy it from Dark Eden Press and it isn't expensive. I highly recommend it.

Anyway, I am going to post the cover of Dangerous to Know/Anne Sole. This is the first of my Dark Eden books and comes out at the end of August. I really like the cover.

Love to you all, Linda

Sunday, 29 July 2007

New Books

I had a cover come from France this week. Someone kindly sent me a lovely email with the cover of a book about to be published there. Captive of The Harem has been published all over the place and is my best selling book with HMB. I was thrilled to get this cover. I also picked up the cover of the second Sarah Beaufort Mystery/ Linda Sole. I thought I would put them bok up, Linda

Monday, 23 July 2007

More news

I now have three books coming out with Dark Eden Press and will write more nearer publication. My new trilogy with HMB starts next month and I am going to lunch at Richmond this week to talk to the publisher about a new contract (hopefully). I have sent off the third in the Sarah Beaufort mystery series and I have heard that SH want to publish a new saga trilogy. So it is all go on the work front. I like to be busy so that is great.

We have some squirrels again. Two little ones have been playing in the back garden, eating sunflower seeds and nuts. Two larger ones have been coming the last couple of days so that is nice. I did think we might have lost them again, but we haven't. The thrushes and blackbirds are mad for sultanas because they all have young. they fly up to the windos and fetch us out whenever they see us.

I keep hoping for more sun. We haven't had much this year, and we haven't been to Spain much either. I hope we shall go in September. It would be too hot at the moment from what friends out there tell us. I did swim when we were out there in June but that seems ages ago now! We have had a couple of pleasant days at the sea here, warm but not hot.

I feel so sorry for all the people who have been flooded! It must be awful, and especially when it happens more than once. To see all your things ruined that way! But thankfully there have not been many fatalities, which is even worse.

I have been watching the dancing at the weekends. I am looking forward to when the competition starts in earnest. I think this will be really good!

Oh, I must tell you about two books I reviewed for

Letters From Pemberley/Jane Dawkins and Old Frends and New Fancies.Sybil G. Brinton.

These were sequels to Jane austen books and I thoroughly enjoyed them. You can buy them from amazon and I think they are worth having if you really can't get enough of the orignal.

Bye for now, Linda

Saturday, 7 July 2007

That was quick!

Dark Eden Press sent me a mock up of how my cover will look. It was very quick and it isn't the final yet, but I liked it and thought I would put it up.

Hasn't it been a lovely day. Venus won the lady's tennis. I hope the young girl might dio it but she couldn't. I expect it will be Federer tomorrow but fingers crossed for Nadal! I hope that match is a good scrap!

Love to you all, Linda

Thursday, 5 July 2007

Went to the sea

Today we visited the sea house and it was lovely. The lawn had grown so long although it was only just over a week since we were there - perhaps more like twelve days if I am honest. In the garden the sun was shining and it felt lovely and warm. It isn't often we get such a lovely day at the sea and we really enjoyed it. I saw a bit of the tennis when we had our fish and chips for lunch - they are gorgeous! But it was raining again by the time we got home and the matches were postponed again. This Wimbledon must have been hell for the players! It is bad enough trying to watch!

Well, the kitchen is finished and we are thrilled with it. We have a new glass table (round) and perspex chairs - they look like glass but of course they aren't. It is all very modern and with it and I love it. Now it is done all the mess is worthwhile, though as I suspected I still haven't found everything.

This evening I have made a book trailer for the authors at Dark Eden. I hope they will enjoy it. I shall try to post the url - let's see if it works

Go and take a look if you have time. It is fun. Love to you all, Linda
PS I love this cover but I bet it won't be on the version that comes out over here - when it does. I don't know what they did the American one first.

Saturday, 30 June 2007

Sold some more books!

I have recently sold two books to an ebook publisher called Dark Eden Press. After the last muddle I may be mad, but I am hoping for better luck this time. The books are called Dangerous Games and Daddy Loves Belinda, and are romance/suspense. I shall enjoy seeing them in print and this publishing house seems a bit more inclined to go out there in the market place so hopefully that will mean more sales and success. Fingers crossed, Love Linda

Thursday, 21 June 2007


My brother and sister in law and me in Spain some years back.
Just to let you know that the round robin story and competition on Triskelion myspace has been cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control. Due to problems at the publisher the Anne Ireland book may not be on sale for long now, but I have some copies and anyone who would like one can write to me through my website and I'll send them one free. Best wishes, Linda

Sunday, 17 June 2007

It's Summer but the sun isn't shining!

Oh dear, aren't we having some bad weather? Never mind we are going to brighten the summer up with a month long story for you. Some of it will be featured here on my blogger, some on the blogger or my space of other authors. I shall tell you more about it another time, but for now it is called Thirty One Days and is a suspense/romance story.

In the meantime I want to show you the cover for the first of my new Regency trilogy. The paperback will be out in August, and the hardback is out now. I am going to be offering free copies soon. I just need to set up the competition. Love, Linda

Monday, 4 June 2007

Hi everyone!

It is dull here today and yesterday was fantastic! I can't believe how quickly the weather goes from being hot to dull and cool. Never mind, soon it will be Spain - hopefully and then we shall get some good sunshine!

The kitchen is almost done - should be finished tomorrow. We have a new induction hob so had to find saucepans that would work on it! Never mind the old ones were a bit tatty so we have now bright shiny ones!

All going well on the writing front. Too Hot To Handle still at number one - but for how long? the new Regency will be out soon now at HMB. It is all go! Love, Linda

Thursday, 17 May 2007

Getting There!

We have been to the sea house today. It was lovely to get away from the chaos the new kitchen has created! Dust everywhere and piles of stuff in all the rooms. It amazes me how much stuff comes out of kitchen cupboards. Probably half of it is rubbish, but you never want to part with it just in case!

The garden at the sea house was beautiful. All the bushes are flowering and it is a riot of colour. sitting in the sunroom reading through some proofs was relaxing and nice, and the sun even came out for a while! We had fish and chips and then went for a walk along the front later.

I just discovered that Captive of the Harem is being re-issued in a collection, which was a lovely surprise. My new book will be out in HB in June I think, so probably pb in August. Not sure exactly, but it won't be long! Love to you all.

Red Roses For Authors/ Reviews is going very well.

Friday, 4 May 2007

Oh dear!

The house is about to be turned upside down as the new kitchen fitters move in next week. I am looking forward to my new kitchen, but I hate having everything all over the place in that area. My study is always overflowing with stuff, but I like everything in the kitchen to be where it should be. At the moment we are putting things in bags and boxes and I am certain we shall never find anything afterwards!

I have put up the first author review on Red Roses For Authors/Reviews today. It is a new feature and I shall introduce other new features as time goes by to keep the site fresh and exciting. We have been up for two months today and so far the figures are about level but we are now findable on google, which we weren't for the first month. Now we have several pages of mentions and one of my writing friends told me people she knows are talking about us, so I think it is going to be a success. I hope so because my reviewers really love books and we are there to help authors, especially new ones - though we like having the successful ones too.

Well, I must go now and see what other jobs want doing. Next week I shall escape up here as much as I can to get out of the way!

Friday, 20 April 2007

As I sit at my desk the sun is shining outside.

It is another lovely day, though not as warm as the past few days. In another few minutes I am going to be chatting on Joyfully reviewed. when I have finished I shall be revising the latest book for M&B and then I have a lot of reviewing to do to catch up. But after that I must start my third in the crime series, because it was well reviewed and the publishers are keen to get on with the second, which my editor has and is copy editing it at the moment, so that is good news. it was a new departure and we weren't sure how it would be recevied, but people seeme to really like it. So fingers crossed! Love, Linda

Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Making videos!

I have been busy these past few days making book trailers to put up at youtube. I do enjoy doing it both for myself and for other authors. I only had two pieces of music I could legally use until recently when I found a lovely new website. the owner of the site is Kevin Mcleod and he allows you to use his music for the price of a small donation. And it is such beautiful music too! I have made one for Too Hot To Handle using a waltz and one for the Hellfire trilogy using Winter Chimes. Such a lovely piece of music!

Tuesday, 10 April 2007

A wonderful Review for one of my books!

Forbidden Lady
Anne Herries
Page Count
Harlequin Historical
4 1/2 stars
Release Date
April 7, 2007
Sensuality Rating
Buy It

If you haven’t read Anne Herries’ wonderful tales of passion, chivalry and
intrigue, you haven’t read historical romance.

In Medieval England, Sir Robert of Melford had come to claim Melissa, the woman he had fallen passionately in love with only to be rejected, horsewhipped and left scarred from life. Having been forbidden to ever make contact with Melissa again, the only option open to Robert is to seek his fortune in the wars and try his absolute best to forget the woman who has ruined his life and broken his heart.
But Melissa is never far away from his thoughts and as the Wars of Roses rage through England, Robert finds himself acting as Melissa’s protector. Although Melissa was the catalyst for his punishment, she declares that she does not know the reason behind his attack.
Robert knows that Melissa is the last person on earth whom he should trust, but will he able to resist her charms or will he lose his heart to her all over again?
Anne Herries holds her readers in thrall with her latest historical romance, Forbidden Lady! The latest in a long line of captivating historical romances written by a writer who has been enthralling readers for decades, Forbidden Lady blends evocative period descriptions, red-hot passion and nail biting intrigue with style and aplomb.
Award-winning author Anne Herries has written another spellbinding historical tale rich in history, adventure and romance which will delight and beguile readers of historical romance.
Julie Bonello

Friday, 23 March 2007

It will soon be spring, I hope!

we have almost go the competitions up at - just one more to go tonight. Anyone who loves entering comp hop over there and have a go. there are some lovely prizes and the questions are easy, because you only have to go to the author's websites to find the answers! I am posting a couple of links to authors who are friends of mine. Take a lokk at their blogs and discover some wonderful new writers!

Thursday, 15 March 2007

Excerpt from Too Hot To Handle/ Anne Ireland

Too Hot To Handle/ Anne Ireland.Triskelion/ Release May 2007
Rafe’s eyes followed her as she made for the kitchen. Despite the loose tracksuit, her hips had a seductive sway and there was no hiding her sensuality. Under those shapeless garments was an extremely desirable body. He was aware of an enticing perfume that hung about her, and her huge haunted eyes seemed to draw him in. they were smoky gray and something about them made him feel an instant curl of desire in his stomach.
It was clear that she hadn’t bothered to make herself attractive for his benefit, and that carried its own charm for a man used to another kind of woman entirely. "I would be grateful for some coffee...if it’s good and strong like that you made for Cornel this morning."
"You wouldn’t stay for that," Sylvie said from the doorway of the kitchen. Her eyes and her tone accused him. "Cornel had an attack of pain after you left. You shouldn’t have upset him."
"Pain?" Rafe frowned at her. "What are you talking about?"
"You don’t know?" He shook his head and sensed her hesitation. What are you hiding from me? I need to know if something is wrong.’
. "I’m not sure I am the one to tell you – but Cornel has angina. If he gets too stressed, it causes him pain. He has pills...but he needs to be careful. A severe attack might..."
"I know what a severe attack might do," Rafe replied, feeling angry. "My father died of heart trouble. Why the hell didn’t Cornel tell me he has been ill?"
"Perhaps he didn’t want to worry you," Sylvie suggested. "And perhaps I ought not to have told you..."
"I’m glad you did," Rafe replied and smiled.
With his expression softened in concern for his uncle, he became another man, a much nicer, more likable person altogether. Her stomach caught with what she realized was desire but she squashed the thought instantly. Sex was right out. She didn’t even like the man!
"You must think I’m all kinds of a heel!"
Sylvie turned away as her heart suddenly wrenched. For a moment, her senses spun out of control, rather like stepping out of an aircraft and tumbling through the sky until the parachute took over. She took a deep breath to steady herself.
When Rafe smiled, he reminded her of Cornel, rather attractive, and she didn’t particularly want to like him. She sensed that he might be a dangerous man to know...dangerous for her peace of mind, that was. What exactly was it about him that made her so aware of him? She wasn’t sure, but it had been there from the first moment they met.
"I’ll get the coffee," she said. "There’s a map of sorts on that glass-topped table. The road is fairly well signposted until you get to the village. It’s after you leave Penerry that you could lose your way. I’ve tried to show you where to turn off, but I’ll explain properly in a moment."
"Thanks..." He picked up the map and bent his head over it as she went into the kitchen.
When she returned with a tray of steaming coffee and china bowls, he was looking at her collection of paperback books.
"Thrillers?" he asked, his dark eyebrows arched in amusement. "I would have seen you more as the romantic type."
"Romance is for mugs," Sylvie replied, unable to keep the bitterness out of her voice. "How do you like your coffee? Cream or sugar?"
"Two sugars, no cream," Rafe replied. His eyes narrowed thoughtfully. "Don’t tell me a girl like you hates men? You don’t strike me that way." Sylvie flushed, flicking back her hair defiantly. "Do I have to be gay because I don’t believe in romance?"
"No." He continued to look at her steadily. "Then there has to be another reason. What happened—did some bastard break your heart?" Rafe’s brows arched inquiringly. "Is that why you’ve given up on the rest of us? You give off vibes, but your words don’t match up to the invitation in your eyes. Something must have made you bitter."
Sylvie felt a shaft of unpleasant surprise. She gasped, went white and then pink. He certainly didn’t beat about the bush!
"I hardly think that’s any of your business, Mr. Wilde."
"No, it isn’t," he admitted. "I had no right to ask, but I’m used to asking awkward questions, Miss Penrith—and I hate to see anything go to waste. You’re not the kind of woman who should live alone."
"Oh?" Sylvie’s eyes blazed with sudden anger. Just who did he think he was, giving her advice? "And what kind of a woman am I, Mr. Wilde?"
"I refuse to answer that on the grounds that I might incriminate myself," Rafe replied, a wicked grin on his lips. "I’ve messed up, haven’t I? And all I wanted was to persuade you to let me drive you home. It makes more sense than both of us going our separate ways, don’t you think? Or are you afraid of me? Don’t tell me I scare you, Miss Penrith, I assure you I don’t bite. Only in the nicest way ..."
The fact that he was so amused made it worse. She wished he wouldn’t smile at her that way—it sent her pulses haywire, and she wasn’t used to feeling this way. He was disturbing–there was no other word for the effect he was having on her senses. She found herself dwelling on his mouth, noting its sensual fullness, feeling a constricting tightness in her throat as she swallowed. The heat was rising to dangerous levels!
Damn it! He’d mesmerized her. What was going on? She had to stop this before it got out of hand!
"I would rather drive home with a loose rattlesnake in the car," Sylvie said slowly and deliberately. He had gone just a little too far and needed cutting down to size. "If you’ve finished your coffee, Mr. Wilde, I would appreciate it if you left. I have things to do."
"Yes, I expect you have," Rafe murmured, laughter playing over his mouth as he glanced round the room. "Or do you always live this way?"
"Always," Sylvie assured him, a dangerous glint in her eyes. If he didn’t get out of here pretty quick, she was going to hit him! "I like things this way. Any objections?"
"None at all." Rafe held up his hands, backing away from her as he headed for the door. "It looks kinda cozy. I look forward to seeing you at the wedding, Miss Penrith."
"Not if I see you first," she muttered. "Goodbye, Mr. Wilde. I wish I could say it was nice meeting you, but I’m not accustomed to telling lies."
"I noticed that earlier," Rafe murmured, and his smile flashed out, making her grind her teeth in frustration. Was he going? Or did he want her to throw him out? "Thank you for telling me about Cornel’s heart condition." He was suddenly serious. "I mean that sincerely. You may have thought otherwise this morning, but I happen to be fond of my uncle."
With that, he was out the door. As it closed behind him, Sylvie gave a scream of frustration and picked up a cushion. She aimed it at the door just as it opened again to admit a surprised-looking Helen.
She caught the cushion, grinned and arched her fine eyebrows. "Was that meant for me or the dishy guy I saw leaving?"
"Rafe Wilde," Sylvie growled. "Cornel’s nephew. And the most arrogant, clever so-and-so you’ll ever meet."
"My, oh, my," Helen said, and Sylvie saw her eyes dance with amusement. "You did like him, didn’t you? When can I expect my invitation to the wedding?"

Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Going to the sea

We are going to pop down to the sea today. It looks as if it will be a beautiful day, but there may be a cool breeze down there. I have finished my latest book for M& B and will be sending it in soon after reading it through one more time. Today I thought I would try putting all the pictures for the Hellfire series up and see what they look like together. The book that has been selling better than any other recently is the second volume of Liz Bailey and my book together in the Steepwood series. A wealthy Widow has done well too, and A worthy Gentleman comes out next month. Linda

Thursday, 8 March 2007

Some news for you

Just popped in to tell you that the new site RedRosesFor Authors is up and running. There are some reviews for good books there if you feel like taking a look. Linda

Monday, 5 March 2007

New Review site

I am posting the url for a new review site if anyone wants to hop over and take a look.

I have today signed my contract for four more HMB books, which makes it a red rose day!
This is the American cover for The adventurer's Wife. Very different from the English!

Saturday, 3 March 2007

Hi everyone

I have had terrible trouble logging in this evening and as yet I cannot get into the Anne Herries blog, which is why I haven't downloaded any more of the book. I am sorry about that, but if I can't get in anymore I shall make this the blog for both Linda Sole and Anne Herries and if anyone was reading the story I will send them installments instead - so if you were and you are disapointed, let me know.

I have just been so busy of late, doing edits and competitions. I have had some wonderful postcards made, which I shall be giving away soon to anyone who enters my competition, so in future if you are picked you will receive a nice postcard as well as the book.

In April I have A worthy Gentleman and Forbidden Bride coming out with HMB - one here, one in America. Forbidden Bride is part of a series, which will eventually come out here too. and Too Hot To Handle comes out in May with Triskelion. Before that we have the big competition. It begins on 21, March. It will be fun so join in if you like competitions!