Sunday, 11 February 2007

Valentine's Day Soon

I had a Valentine's card and gift from my editor at M&B this year. That made me smile! I came on to tell you that I have a lot of lovely paperback books to give away. If you would like one, answer the simple question at my website - - and if you are picked I will send you a book, anywhere in the world free of postage.

My Triskelion friends are running a competition on myspace, which starts on 21st March. I shall be contributing and it will be fun. This is bigger and several questions will be asked and several authors will take part. It is like a scavenger hunt, going from one author's myspace or website to another, and I think Internet addicts will love it. There are some good prizes coming up so if you enjoy hunting on the net go to - - and I wish you lots of luck.

I am posting a picture for you now. Love, Linda

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