Saturday, 3 March 2007

Hi everyone

I have had terrible trouble logging in this evening and as yet I cannot get into the Anne Herries blog, which is why I haven't downloaded any more of the book. I am sorry about that, but if I can't get in anymore I shall make this the blog for both Linda Sole and Anne Herries and if anyone was reading the story I will send them installments instead - so if you were and you are disapointed, let me know.

I have just been so busy of late, doing edits and competitions. I have had some wonderful postcards made, which I shall be giving away soon to anyone who enters my competition, so in future if you are picked you will receive a nice postcard as well as the book.

In April I have A worthy Gentleman and Forbidden Bride coming out with HMB - one here, one in America. Forbidden Bride is part of a series, which will eventually come out here too. and Too Hot To Handle comes out in May with Triskelion. Before that we have the big competition. It begins on 21, March. It will be fun so join in if you like competitions!


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