Thursday, 5 July 2007

Went to the sea

Today we visited the sea house and it was lovely. The lawn had grown so long although it was only just over a week since we were there - perhaps more like twelve days if I am honest. In the garden the sun was shining and it felt lovely and warm. It isn't often we get such a lovely day at the sea and we really enjoyed it. I saw a bit of the tennis when we had our fish and chips for lunch - they are gorgeous! But it was raining again by the time we got home and the matches were postponed again. This Wimbledon must have been hell for the players! It is bad enough trying to watch!

Well, the kitchen is finished and we are thrilled with it. We have a new glass table (round) and perspex chairs - they look like glass but of course they aren't. It is all very modern and with it and I love it. Now it is done all the mess is worthwhile, though as I suspected I still haven't found everything.

This evening I have made a book trailer for the authors at Dark Eden. I hope they will enjoy it. I shall try to post the url - let's see if it works

Go and take a look if you have time. It is fun. Love to you all, Linda
PS I love this cover but I bet it won't be on the version that comes out over here - when it does. I don't know what they did the American one first.

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