Sunday, 10 August 2008

New books

I have a new book with eternal Press coming in September. The title is Trial by Fire and it is a historical time slip or as some people call it, a parnormal romance.

In October I have the first book in a new series from Severn House. The Lie/Linda Sole. this is the Family feud trilogy and I look forward to seeing it out.

In December I have an Anne Herries book from Severn House - the third in the Upstairs Downstairs series. The title of this one is Forbidden Love. If you have read the first two you will know it is Rose's story.

Also in December I have a new paperback from Mills & Boon. This is another Regency and the title is The Rake's Rebelllious Lady!

I am just about to start another book in the Melford Dynasty. None of these books have been published in England yet but the first two are out in America.

It hasn't been a good summer for us, has it? I am looking forward to some hot sunshine next time we visit Spain!
Love to you all, Linda

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