Tuesday, 9 December 2008


It is almost Christmas.

My latest Linda Sole saga from Severn House.

I will be putting some Christmas stories up on my story blog, which you can access at storiesfromlindasole.blogspot.com. I still have lots of competitions running, one at my website and others on various groups.

Happy Christmas to all my readers.

Cassie's Sheikh has been in the top ten list under Desert Sheikhs for a couple of weeks. The Rake's Rebellious Lady/Anne Herries/HMB has been number two in the Harlequin Historical list at amazon, and Her Dark and Dangerous Lord has been at number seven in the HH list at Harlequin so all the new books are doign well

Three of my Red Rose Publishing books are coming out in print soon. Chateau Despair is the first to be published and this should be before Christmas. I am very pleased that this book will be in print. It is already available in ebook at several places on the web but a lot of people who enjoy my books want it in print. It won't be long before they can buy it at amazon.com and it is usually available at amazon.co.uk too once it is up and running. I recently bouth some copies of A shameful Secret/Anne Ireland, which is already in print.

all the grahics have been credited somewhere on the blog. They are yuleloveit.com or Pat's Graphics

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