Thursday, 4 January 2007

Back to Work!

All the fuss and celebrations are over and it is back to work. First of all, I have to mention that my squirrel pictures were given to me by a friend, Jen Black. Jen is an author with Triskelion. She has had two full length Historical novels published, the first of them called Banners of Alba. Jen is an excellent writer and I am looking forward to reading her book Shadows from Triskelion, which I have in ebook format. I will tell you about it and maybe post the cover if Jen says it is OK when I've read it. So thank you, Jen for the squirrel pictures, which I thought were so wonderful I had to post them on the blog!

I am now beginning to get back to work and I am writing the second in the Dynasty series, which is coming out first in the USA - mostly because I have so many Regency books coming out this year. A Wealthy Widow is out next month and seems to be selling well on the M&B site, because it is listed in the Best Sellers list - so hopefully it will be a sell out in the shops.

I shall post another personal picture today. I call this one - Who is Laughing at Who?

Love to you all, Linda

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