Thursday, 17 May 2007

Getting There!

We have been to the sea house today. It was lovely to get away from the chaos the new kitchen has created! Dust everywhere and piles of stuff in all the rooms. It amazes me how much stuff comes out of kitchen cupboards. Probably half of it is rubbish, but you never want to part with it just in case!

The garden at the sea house was beautiful. All the bushes are flowering and it is a riot of colour. sitting in the sunroom reading through some proofs was relaxing and nice, and the sun even came out for a while! We had fish and chips and then went for a walk along the front later.

I just discovered that Captive of the Harem is being re-issued in a collection, which was a lovely surprise. My new book will be out in HB in June I think, so probably pb in August. Not sure exactly, but it won't be long! Love to you all.

Red Roses For Authors/ Reviews is going very well.

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