Thursday, 16 August 2007

Dangerous To Know

This is a short excerpt from Dangerous To Know/Anne Sole /Dark Eden Press

"Your work sounds fascinating," Karin said. "Are you sure you wouldn’t like something to drink – tea?"
"Maybe I’ll chance the tea," Mike said, his look teasing her. "You Brits make the worst coffee ever."
"Thanks!" Karin’s laughter was soft and husky. She stood up and Mike rose to his feet; he caught her wrist as she would have passed him, swinging her round so that they were very close, gazing into each other’s eyes. "Mike?" she breathed in wonder as he reached out and drew her into his body, holding her pressed against the length of his body. She was aware then of the masculine power of him – and the fact that he was physically aroused. She could feel the heat of him burning into her and it was doing odd things to her senses.
"I haven’t been able to get you out of my head," Mike said as his head bent towards her, his lips seeking hers. "I’ve been wanting to do this again…"
Karin’s body arched into his, her mouth opening softly beneath his as they kissed long and slow. The heat rushed through her, making her bones melt with the liquid, churning desire inside her. There was no thought of resistance, only a hunger that she had never experienced before. This felt so right!
The kiss was exploratory on Mike’s part, his tongue thrusting its way inside her mouth, tasting her, teasing her as her hands went up into his hair at the nape, her long fingers caressing him. For the moment that he held her it seemed as if they were alone in time, apart from the reality of the outside world – something Karin had never known before. She had enjoyed passion with her boyfriends in the past, but this was something very different. They were both visibly affected when they at last drew away from each other.
"You had better make that tea," Mike said, following her to the adjoining door that led into the kitchen. He watched the sway of her hips in the short black skirt, feeling the burn of desire in his guts and knowing he wanted her. He wanted her badly at this moment, so badly that he ached with the need, but anything between them was bound to be of short duration and he didn’t want to hurt her or be hurt himself. "Talk to me, tell me about Angela. You two were twins but were you alike in other ways?"
"No, not much," Karin said without looking round. She was filling the kettle, preparing a tray. The kitchen was neat and clean, but very cluttered with cooking tools and books, every shelf crowded with bits and pieces. The clutter seemed friendly clutter and Mike liked it – he liked everything about her more and more.
Karin turned slightly and smiled at him. Her mouth was soft, shining a little, her eyes clear and full of a secret laughter, as though she was amused by what she was about to tell him.
"Help me know her, Karin," he invited.

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