Thursday, 15 May 2008

Books I like to read

A Wealthy widow is published now in America. It has also been done in Italy, Japan and some other countries. this was the second in the Hellfire series.

I've just reviewed a book called Witch's Heart by Tabitha Shay. This is part of a series of books about witches, and all of them are set in the same world, using many of the same charachters but featuring different couples in turn. I found this an enthralling read. It is at number two in the Eternal Press secrion at fictionwise.

I am now reading a western which I am enjoying and I have a regency I am going to read next. Unfortunately I don't get as much time to read as I would like, because I am always writing. However, I make sure I read and review a few inbetween bouts of furious work, because the brain needs to take in as well as put out.

We went to Hunstanton yesterday but the wind was cool - last week it was glorious there but we don't get it that warm often enough.

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