Wednesday, 7 May 2008

What a lovely day!

Yesterday we went out for a lovely lunch at a restaurant my brother in law told us about. It was in a nice country setting and the sun was shining all day, and now the sun is shining again today. I do love it when we get periods of warm settled weather in England. We have such a beautiful country but so often the summers are cold or wet and so we go off abroad to get some sun!

I am putting up a new picture of me in Spain this time. I have just agreed a contract for five new books with Severn House. A new Linda Sole trilogy - sagas this time. Also the third in the Anne Herries Upstairs Downstairs trilogy and one other. I have finished revising the second in the A Season In Town trilogy for Mills & Boon and have one more book to write.

More importantly, we have a squirrel visiting the garden again! We did miss them so when they all disappeared last year!

Love to you all, Linda

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