Sunday, 7 July 2013

new books

Captain Havers is the fourth in a series of Regency Romps, short books for a very small price on sale at amazon.  It has been in the top 100 for about 2 months and sold well.  I have now published the fifth in the series, Ash's Secret.

Here is a short excerpt.
Miranda was just thinking she might go upstairs now, for there was only one set of dances to come and she could be forgiven for not wishing to sit them out.

‘Not leaving us?’ a voice said at her elbow and she turned to see Lord Ashton. She was in that moment torn between anger that he had ignored her all evening and relief that he had at last approached her.

‘I had thought I might as well, for I have watched sufficient dances this evening, sir. I am not as fortunate as my sister in being universally popular.’

‘Do I detect a note of reproach?’ Ash asked as he took a firm grip on her arm and led her towards the groups forming for the last set of dances. ‘You think that I should have secured a dance earlier?’

‘I am sure it is not for me to say what you should do when a guest at a ball, where there are possibly more young ladies than gentlemen – at least youngish gentlemen.’ There were in fact two more gentlemen than ladies, but as some of the older ones did not dance, it meant that some ladies did not always find a partner.

‘But you would like to tell me I am rag-mannered, would you not, Miss Thurston?’ His eyes danced with amusement in a way that set off butterflies in her stomach. Miranda counted to five before she answered.


This image was purchased from Dreamstime.  I did the cover for Captain Havers myself with a photograph i took.  I think I  needed to make the title larger in both cases, but especially in Captain Havers.  Covers are fun to do but I am a mere amateur, though I think of the two I actually prefer CH.

I thoroughly enjoy writing the short Regencies but they are for fun.  At the moment I am writing what I hope will be the sequel to my Rosie Clarke saga for Ebury.  The first book will come out with them next year.

Love to my readers, Linda


Preston said...

This is gorgeous!

Linda Sole said...

Thank you for your comment Preston!

Linda Sole said...

Thank you for your comment Preston!