Tuesday, 14 November 2006

A busy day

This is the cover of the first of a Civil War Trilogy that I wrote for Severn House. It was published in hard back and then in paperback, and the third book has recently come out in hardback.
At the moment I am working on more regencies for Mills & Boon, but I had proofs come this morning and so they have to take priority now until they are finished, hence the busy day. The morning spent typing new stuff, the afternoon devoted to correcting proofs.
I wanted to tell you about some new ventures. The first is my crime series with Severn House. I am very excited about this, because I haven't done anything quite like it before. It is what you might call cosy crime set in villages mostly in the twenties. Sarah Beaufort and Larch Meadows are amateur sleuths who team up with an ex Scotland Yard Inspector to solve the murders - some of which are far from cosy. I am hoping that this will develop into at least a trilogy and perhaps more. The first book will be published in hardback in Febuary 2007.
My next venture is contemporary in ebook for Triskelion. I do not know yet when this will be available, but it is rather fun learning all the new stuff that this technology requires. The title is Too Hot To Handle, and I'll tell you more about it nearer the time.
Next time I post I want to tell you about one of my writing friends. I am going to start with Paula Marshall, because she is such a wonderful writer of Regency and historical books.
Love to you all, Linda

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful cover!I must look out for it.