Saturday, 18 November 2006

Nice morning

The sun is just coming out as I write this and we are about to drive down to the sea. We like to look at the sea even though it may be too cold for a walk on the front if the wind is bitter as it often is at this time of year, but we have to go anyway, because something needs fixing at the sea house.

I just want to tell you about Paula Marshall. We met atHMB when the Steepwood series was coming up, and became friends during the period when all the authors were phoning each other to check on various things. the series had to follow on book by book, each author revealing a piece of the background mystery while writing their own story. Paula and I chatted a lot on the phone and continued friends until she became very ill last Christmas. I miss her calls because we talked about things that interested us both, mainly writing, though Paul was a fount of knowledge on all kinds of things.

She was writing a regency, which I do not think will ever be finished unfortunately, but she wrote over forty books, which have been published. One of my favourites was An Improper Duenna, but there were so many more. She wrote two of the Steepwood books, as we all did, and she also wrote two of a Tudor quartet that I shared with her. Her books were an inspiration and I think her publisher must miss her contribution.

Next time, I will tell you about my book as Anne Ireland. It is an ebook, a first in this medium for me. Love to all, Linda
PS the pic with 29% off came from amazon. I don't know if the offer is still on. It may be and these books all have wonderful covers - worth collecting the set?


juliemt said...

Hi Linda,

I found this blog via the UK Historical Romance blog. I adore Paula Marshall's books - she was the first writer to get me hooked to the M&B Historical Romance series and it's a shame that her illness prevents her from writing, but she's written a number of wonderful books and given this reader in particular untold hours of absolute pleasure. I hope M&B republishes some of her books soon as she is a fantastic writer!

Wonderful blog, by the way!


Anonymous said...

Hi Juliemt
I'm glad you found your way here throught the UK Historical Romance blog. I hoped it would lead people here, because I have long wanted a way that I could talk to my readers about books. I shall be introducing more authors to my blog as time goes on. Anne/Linda