Monday, 27 November 2006

having fun

I have just sent off my latest Regency to M&B and now I am having fun making book trailers for friends. I have made a couple of them so far and the first will have a link on my website. I may put some links on for you another night but I am waiting for one of them to load. I have to make sure it works as it should before putting it on, because I don't want to be stuck trying to take it off.
I was going to tell you about June Francis. She lives in Liverpool and writes wonderful sagas set there. One of my favourites is called Coming Home to Liverpool, but she has written so many more lovely books. If you don't know of her you should look for her books at the library, though you might be lucky enough to buy her in paperback. She writes about wonderful charachters and her writing is warm and has its own charm.
The book shown tonight is the third in my Civil War series from Severn House. It is available from libraries or from amazon.
I think that is enough for this evening. Love to you all, Linda


Anonymous said...

Hi Linda,
I am taking a short time out and decided to try and find your blog and did so through the link from my website to yours. And what do I open the nice piece you have to say about me. Thanks so much. My latest news is that I bought your first hellfire club book yesterday. I am saving it to nearer Christmas to read as I have so much to do writing wise and besides I want to savour it and not rush through it because I've deadlines to meet. I've just received the proofs of Tamed by the Barbarian to read through and also have to finish my saga When the Clouds Go Rolling By so as to get it to my agent by the beginning of the New Year. My good news is that my publishers are reprinting A Place to Call Home in January with the new writing on the cover design and that Step By Step will be in paperback in March. I haven't written anything for my blog at all as I've been so busy, done a couple of talks and arranged a RNA chapter lunch this past week. Also I've forgotten where I've put its address. Head too full of other things.
Love to you and your readers. June Francis.

Anonymous said...

Forgot to say I impressed I am by your blog and techni knowhow. I'm hopeless as you'll have realised. But now I've found you at least I can expression my thoughts on your cleveness. June Francis