Monday, 13 November 2006

Finally made it!

It took me ages to get back in this morning, but I finally got here. Well, this is me sitting by a pool in Spain. I thrive on sunshine and some of my best work gets done there - at least so my editor says.

My first blog was about my Linda Sole books, but this time I want to tell you about my books for Mills & Boon as Anne Herries. I have been writing for them for some years, though I took a break to do mainstream for a while, which is when Lovers & Sinners got written. I went back to them after a few years and have been writing more and more ever since. Under various names it is more than seventy books published now, and I am still as enthusiastic about every book I write.

I have written well over thirty of my books as Anne Herries. A Damnable rogue won the RNA Romance Prize for 2004, which was a wonderful feeling for me. It may not be the Oscars but I was close to tears just the same and made a very emotional speech. My sister was sitting beside me and almost strangled me when it was announced. I think she was almost more excited than me! Since then I've increased my output for Mills and Boon and am now writing 4/5 books a year. My latest are the Hellfire Trilogy, the first of which comes out in paperback this December, though it is already for sale on the Net.

Next time, I will tell you about new ventures, and in the future I want to talk to you about books I love, and authors I admire. So it isn't all going to be about me. I hope you will join me here sometimes. Love to you all, Linda

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