Thursday, 23 November 2006

Problem solved

I have just changed to Internet Explorer 7 and it has created problems with my blog! I did the first little bit on my laptop and it kept clicking off, but now I have managed to get in on the desktop - hurrah!
I wanted to tell you about Too Hot To Handle. This is my first ebook and is with Triskelion. It is the story of Sylvie and Rafe. He is handsome, a little arrogant and a business man on a mission. Sylvie is beautiful but she has been hurt. when they first meet there is a mutual attraction, but it is not until they are in Paris that the affair becomes too hot to handle. It seems that they were made for each other, but then Sylvie discovers something that makes her think Rafe is using her. Will they be able to sort out their problems or is their love affair doomed to failure?
that really is all for tonight.Linda

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Mallory M Pickerloy said...

Too Hot To Handle sounds alluring and exciting and I will be looking forward to it!